Anastasia Frank

10707 Berlin


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Über mich:
Self-taught painter, theosophist and agni yogi.
In 2011 started to paint after experiencing severe stress and loss, saw a light tunnel that changed the perception of the world completely. She has never studied Art and has never visited any painting courses. The techniques and themes come in dreams or through channeling, works in the style of "Spiritual Art / Sacred Art / Visionary Art", is since 11/2014 freelance painter.

*1986 born in Kazakhstan, Semei
*since 2003 in Germany
*since 2009 living in Berlin
*2007-2010 Abitur
*2011-2014 Study at the BBW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, earned her BA (economics)
*since 11/2014 freelance painter

Anastasia Frank’s Werke

"Die Wiege der Menschheit"

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